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Accuspray Turbine HVLP Spray Gun
$ 364.00

Accuspray Turbine HVLP Spray Gun  

Includes Cup Assy - Convertible to compressed air feed
Designed for professionals who demand the highest finish quality, speed and savings. The 10-Gun features a low-pressure inlet (less than 10 psi).The reason is basic. AccuSpray Guns were designed from the inside out for HVLP. Unlike other HVLP guns, ours is designed from the inside out for low pressure performance. The key is the gun's large sweeping air passages which eliminate air turbulence. Full turbine pressure is efficiently delivered without pressure loss. The result is complete atomization whether spraying waterborne or solvent-borne paints, coatings and finishes. Accommodates either compressed air (with optional adapter) or turbine applications. Model #10-03344 includes: .051 nozzle & Delrin tip needle #10 air cap, Stainless steel fluid passage Includes one-quart bottom feed cup


Nozzle Set




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