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Accuspray Turbine HVLP Model 400T Outfit
$ 999.00

Accuspray Turbine HVLP Model 400T Outfit  

#400T Best Gun on the market FREE SHIPPING
4-stage high performance HVLP turbine that handles heavier-bodied high solid versions of coatings. The 400T is a reliable light-weight system containing a dual filtration system for clean, dry air. The turbine delivers hours of extended use while providing extra pressure without sacrificing application speed. The side mounted motor improves air flow at 85 cfm and 7 psi at the gun. The 400T is a part of a long line of job tested turbines performing in the toughest working conditions from residential painting to commercial construction. Gun is made of carbon fibre and will stays cool. This is the same gun used in automotive spray applications. Includes: Gun / Tip / 1-quart cup / 30-ft hose / whip hose / control valve. Includes shipping in continnental US


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