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TapoFix Wallpaper Pasting Machine CB56
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TapoFix Wallpaper Pasting Machine CB56  

#CB56 54 Inch Geared Stainless Steel - CALL FOR PRICE
This quality engineered Tapo-Fix pasting machine has been designed for use with all types of wallcovering materials. Our patented features allow the use of all types of paste, including full-strength, clay-base pastes. The standard unit is manually operated and includes a booking table, stand, casters and a cutting edge. The unit is predrilled for easy installation of the optional power drive assembly. The standard feed rate is 90 feet per minute when the power dive assembly is used. Machine, stand, frame and NEW stabilizer bar are all made of stainless steel. Fast, safe and easily assembled on the job by one person. The stand, casters and booking table are inluded. Minimum maintenance and easy clean up for lifelong operation. Motor drive (shown here)and counter is optional and includes two wheel gears, large reset lever and numbers. Length: 62 inches. Height: 33.5 inches. Width 17 inches. Machine Weight: 72 pounds. Stand and Table: 44 pounds. Paste well capacity: 5 gallons.


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